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Toowoomba’s most effective website designs; We create more than art, we create an unstoppable sales tool.

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You can do a website by yourself. The question is whether it will work FOR you or… AGAINST you.

Benefits of Professional Web Design Toowoomba

Why a poorly designed website could be harming your business.

75% of your website’s credibility comes from design. If it looks second-rate, they won’t trust you.

web design toowoomba |
web design toowoomba |

57% of people won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed website.

Over 75% of customers will leave your website if it does not display well on their device.

web design toowoomba |
web design toowoomba |

94% of negative feedback about a companies website related to the design.

62% of companies increased their sales after investing in responsive design.

web design toowoomba |

Why choose Digimark for your web design in Toowoomba?

At Digimark, our team thinks outside the box. We tailor a website to meet the needs of your business. This means no templates.

Our websites are strategically designed to serve a singular purpose – to drive revenue.

We work with you to highlight your difference and equip you with the latest design trends to target new markets, not just your ‘old’ clients.

All our websites are built with SEO in mind. This means that your website will be SEO-ready at launch.

Our Web Design Process in Toowoomba

web design toowoomba |

1. The Insight Phase

Understanding the big idea, the needs and challenges. Scope, Budget, Time
Client requirements inc. likes & dislikes
Industry Overview – the playing field
Current Website Audit & Online Assets & Marketing
SEO Audit & gap analysis (?)
Clarify Brand Identity – Values, Vision, Mission, Promise, Key Messages

2. The Planning Phase

Developing a Website Blueprint that guides all design, content and build.:
Ideal Client we are designing for
Website audiences and stages in marketing funnel
Site goals and purpose of each page including Landing Pages
Sitemap and web flow navigation – site journey
Prioritised list of features and functionality
Visual Design Requirements/Styleguide & Mood Board
Call To Action (CTA) recommendations
Hosting, Maintenance & Governance Plan
Confirm budget, time and scope.

3. The Design Phase

A Visual Mockup of your website. Helps you to conceptualise your new site.
Page Structure & Layout
Imagery & Iconography Design
Use of Colour
Unique Branding Elements

4. The Content Phase

Sourcing existing resources
Content Briefs and Filling content gaps
Images, Photography, Video, Logos
This can be developed by the client or through Digimark’s copywriting services

5. The Build Phase

Producing the actual website
Bringing it all together and making it real.


6. The ‘Test, Review & Optimise’ Phase

Fine-tuning your website:
Ensuring all functionality is working
Set Up Google Analytics (including goals defined in planning phase)
Responsive and SEO ready
Gathering final feedback
Sign off

7. The ‘Go Live’ & Marketing Phase

Time to present your website to the world (and the search engines!)
Communicating to your existing client base
Promoting your new site on social

8. The ‘Maintain & Grow’ Phase 

Continuous fine-tuning of your website – quality
In collaboration, keep your business searchable, visible, compelling and profitable
Opportunity to work with us on developing a compelling content strategy and digital marketing campaigns to drive quality leads to your site and turn them into clients