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Increasing Revenue by 2000%

See how we increased sales for a local business by 2000%.

SEO Process

We focus on delivering results for our SEO services. That’s why we have refined our process, sifting out the tasks that aren’t going to move the needle. This has left us with a solid strategy to deliver lasting results efficiently and effectively.

Deep data analysis report

Knowing where you’re currently sitting helps to give direction for what needs to happen in order for your SEO campaign to be successful. We pull SEO data from Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Ahrefs, and SEMRush into our custom-built tool to help us formulate an initial way ahead for your campaign.

Onboarding questions

You understand your business and industry more than we do. That’s why we’ve created this seamless onboarding questionnaire to try and gather as much information as possible about you, your business, and your industry.

Market share

We use tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush to get a clear understanding of your position in the market compared to your competition as well as the total market share available.

Kickoff meeting

With the data analysis report, onboarding questions, and market share mapped out, we have a meeting with you to review everything before we construct a strategy for your campaign.

Website Quality Audit

Google has outlined how they want websites to be built in their Google Webmaster Guidelines. We use our custom-built tool to evaluate the quality of every page on your website that provides specific actions to take to improve your site.

Keyword Mapping

Search terms, commonly referred to as keywords, are important for SEO. We map the main keywords people use when trying to find your service to each page and back them up with secondary terms and phrases.

“On page” improvements

Once we have a clear understanding of what keywords related to which page, we build a roadmap that details the exact changes to make to key pages on your website.

Keyword gap analysis

In the improving phase, we mapped keywords to your existing pages. In the creating phase, we look for keywords that you aren’t currently ranking for in order to expand your market share. We do this by reverse engineering your competitor’s website to strip down what keywords they are ranking for that you aren’t.

Content Strategy

Using the keyword gap analysis, we build a content strategy with the objective to define specific topics that address each part of the buyer’s journey. 

Content Creation

Our team of content writers and UX designers create new pages based on the content strategy to corner the market and give you preference in Google over your competitors.

Link prospecting

We build an extensive list of link targets based on your competition and your industry to reach out to over the lifetime of your campaign. These sites are filtered for relevance, quality, and authority.

Link outreach

We utilise a number of different techniques to acquire links from these websites back to yours. 

Did we mention we get results?

These screenshots show the traffic increases for our clients since they started working with us.

Increased Traffic by 300 Percent.

300% Increase in traffic

Increased Sales by 2000 Percent.

2000% Increase in sales


800% Increase in Traffic

Learning Phase

We pull data from 7 different sources using our custom-built software to learn as much about how each page on your website is performing.

In this stage we will:

  • Analyse how your website currently performs with our custom-built benchmark report
  • Determine what issues need to be fixed on your website through a Website Quality Audit
  • Map relevant keywords to each existing page
  • Audit your Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Google Tag Manager
  • Audit your content to see what content is holding your website back, what content needs to be updated, and what can be left as is.
  • Review your competitors to determine the total market share available and where you are currently positioned in the market.
  • Analyse your website load time to determine whether it loads in 3 seconds or less.
Technical SEO Audit.

Improving Phase

On-Page with UX.

Search Engine Optimisation is about optimising your website for the search engines. This phase is about achieving that goal by improving your existing digital assets.

In this phase, we look at how your website can be improved both from a Google perspective and from a customer experience perspective. Deliverables included in this phase are:

  • Fixing issues found in the Website Quality Audit
  • Optimising the on-page elements of your website
  • Improve the speed of your website
  • Rich snippet optimisation
  • Improve the overall customer experience on the website.

With a website that not only functions efficiently but also focuses on the customer’s overall experience, your traffic will not only increase, but it will also convert into leads and sales. The should be the objective for any SEO campaign.

Creating Phase

We limit our service to one business per industry per city. This allows us to focus on helping you take market share for your city and dominate your competition.

In this phase, we look at increasing your market share. Deliverables included in this phase are:


  • Keyword research
  • Keyword gap analysis
  • Content strategy
  • Target pages
  • Monthly blog post
  • Blog posts optimised for engagement
Keyword Research.

Through high quality, engaging content, you’ll automate your lead generation, increasing your market share in your sleep. The objective of this phase is to solidify and expand your position.

Promoting Phase

Link Building.

Creation without promotion is pointless. If no one knows about your business, they can’t become your client.

In this phase, we ensure your business becomes known. Deliverables included in this phase are:


Getting other websites to link back to your website increase your authority in Google’s eyes and also provide you with an additional traffic stream. We’ve developed a process for acquiring these links in a legitimate way, steering clear of techniques that Google penalises.

Here’s What Our Client’s Say!

Steve coached me to the #One Position in Google and Bing. Let me explain: Running a community of Small Business owners my goal is to make it easier for them to do more business with each other and the rest of the community too. I purchased a Directory platform. Initial searches showed Nothing! we didn’t rank at all, and then steve started coaching me, we explored the platform set-up and made some changes. He got me focused on the right things and within a month, we’re #One position for Brisbane Small Business Directories on both platforms. Great Job Steve, I couldn’t have done it without you!!!

Kevin Gammie

Owner, Brisbane Small Business Portal

Steven and his team have been looking after the SEO of our firm for a number of months now and we could not be happier with the service provided by Digimark. We are ranking #1 for our major searches and plan to continue to develop our digital marketing plan with Steven for years to come.

Kris Dieckmann

Partner, Wiseman Accountants

“Thanks Steve! I don’t understand any of this website and SEO stuff. But I have seen results! so what ever your doing for my business please keep doing it! and thanks for trying to explain it all in a way I can try and understand it!”

Cassandra Barrie

Owner, Diamond Cut Body & Hair

Why work with us?

Our tools are custom built

Our custom-built tools use Google’s Bigquery to pull in data from 7 areas to get a solid overview of your website’s performance in Google as a whole.

Custom built tools.
800 percent increase in traffic.

We deliver results

We’ve spent the last 7 years to develop a process that delivers results regardless of Google’s algorithm changes. Our process is backed by numerous case studies.

We have a cause

We donate to the homeless to help them get fresh food, shelter, and employment opportunities.

When you invest in our services, you are helping to feed someone. You’re helping to give someone shelter. 

For us, this is the impact that we want to make in the world. Eliminating homelessness while we do what we do best; driving leads and sales for businesses just like yours.

Helping Homelessness
Transparent Client Workbook

Transparency and expertise

We share everything with you from the start. You get a full view of everything we are doing on a day to day basis from your personal client folder and your client workbook.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does SEO cost?

We charge a monthly retainer for our services. This retainer is based on the total number of hours required to work on your campaign. Those hours are then spread across a 12 month period as a monthly retainer. The monthly amount is paid in advance.

How long does SEO take to start working?

This depends on your industry and your goals, but in general between 4 to 6 months you should start seeing results. Less competitive niches will see results sooner, while more competitive niches will take longer.

What's included in your SEO service?

We provide a comprehensive SEO service that includes both analysis and improvement of the website. While we provide a strategy for the content, we do not write the content.

Do you guarantee results?

Due to the nature of Google, we do not guarantee results. While we have built a good process that aims to follow Google’s guidelines, it’s their rodeo, we are just participants. We cannot guarantee results, but we can demonstrate our expertise through case studies from our previous clients.