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90.63% of pages receive no organic search traffic from Google (Ahrefs). Don’t become a statistic.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) applies to 3 primary pillars; website optimisation, content development, and industry authority. By ensuring that your website meets Google’s guidelines, you’re creating content that people are searching for, and other websites are linking back to you, you’re signalling to Google that your website is worth positioning well. Learn more about how SEO can help your Perth-based business in our guide, What is SEO.

Benefits of Our SEO Service

SEO isn’t about doing things to your website to please Google. It’s about demonstrating to Google that your business is worth positioning first.

SEO is a Primary source of Leads

SEO is one of the most effective ways to market your business. It is substantially more effective than traditional marketing methods and continues to perform significantly better when compared to digital advertising and social media marketing.

Perth SEO.
House on the water in Perth.

SEO Lasts for the Long Term

While in most cases it can take a while for your website to rise to the top of Google Search, once it is there, it’s going to be tough for your competition to pull you down again. Especially if you’re continuing your SEO efforts. Unlike digital advertising, if you decide to turn SEO off, you don’t just disappear overnight.

SEO Brings Higher Close Rates

The average conversion rate for an outbound lead is 0.9%. The average conversion rate from social media is 1.2%. Advertising usually converts an average of 4%. SEO has an average conversion rate of 12%, making it 4x more effective than digital advertising and 10x times more effective than social media marketing.

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SEO Builds Brand Credibility

If your business comes up first in the search results, your business is automatically seen by your prospective clients as one of the top players in your industry. On the other hand, your prospective clients may think less of you if you’re not showing up in the top 3 spots in search, even if they’ve heard of you.

SEO Helps you Gain Market Share

Our Perth SEO Service doesn’t just focus on getting you traffic to your website. We look at how you can take a greater portion of the market share. SEO can help you do this with increased visibility and better conversion rates.

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SEO works well with others

Other forms of marketing will help improve your success with SEO. Social media marketing, digital advertising, and email marketing

SEO Helps Establish Brand Awareness

How well your target audience is able to recognise your brand in the market is determined by brand awareness. Being found in the top positions in Google helps to further establish your business and make new prospects aware that you exist.

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Why choose Digimark for your SEO in Perth?

It is our objective to create the kind of results that make you want to invite us to your Christmas party. We have dedicated a lot of time and resources to refining our process so as to deliver an efficient and effective solution that provides a 10x return on investment. We strive for excellence and deliver the highest quality SEO services in Perth.

Our Process for SEO in Perth

The ECI Framework.

In order to increase organic traffic to your website, we need to address three key areas; Experience, Certainty, and Influence.


The experience you provide your visitors with matters. While perfection is not required, if your web pages a slow, there are technical errors, and/or the site is difficult to navigate, you’re at a disadvantage.


Providing visitors with a sense of certainty improves conversion rates. Content helps drive certainty, but it’s not about creating content for content’s sake. By identifying the challenges your audience is facing and addressing the questions that they are searching for, it solidifies the idea in your visitors mind that you are the expert they’ve been looking for.


While expertise is essential, to acquire new clients through organic traffic, you need to be an authority in the industry. You increase your authority in the industry by building certainty and increasing your influence. Anyone can say they are an expert in the field, but it’s not until others say you are that it becomes true.

With influence and a positive customer experience, you develop trust with your audience.

Our SEO Process.


We analyse your digital universe to identify opportunity for a faster return on investment.


Once the strategy has been developed, we construct an implementation plan, providing a clear action plan.


Through the process, we will evaluate the effectiveness of the implementation plan and adapt to changes in the market.

What Our SEO Clients Say

Tracy Sheen.
Emergency Medics.
Electrical Sensations.
Willmot Accounting.

We had Steve and the Digimark team carry out an SEO project for our website recently. The attention to detail and quality of the information provided by Steve was simply outstanding. They implemented many improvements to the website which have created a 200% increase in traffic to our site – pretty impressive! I particularly loved that Steve kept us informed at every step of the process and I never had to wonder what was happening. We were always kept in the loop. I highly recommend Steve and the Digimark team for SEO projects!

Leanne Phillips

Owne, Electrical Sensations

I’ve worked with Steve on a number of projects over the past 12 months. Steve goes above and beyond and the ‘extra mile’ to ensure that results are achieved for his clients and will not rest until it is done. It’s often hard to find someone in the SEO world with integrity and trust but you need to not look further.

Jessica Ritchie

Owner, Jessica Ritchie

I met for a consult with Steve, and he was very patient as we tried to talk with my 10 month old squirming around! He gave me some great insight to what processes to put in place for my start up business and some great ideas for my current ‘bread & butter’ business. I highly recommend Steve, not only for SEO but also for business direction and strategy, and recommendations on key people that may help in other areas of my businesses. Very valuable. Thanks Steve.

Jemay Nelder

Owner, Social-E-Biz

Frequently Asked SEO Questions

How to Hire an SEO Agency in Perth?

How Much Does SEO Cost?

SEO can be a significant investment for some small businesses. It is a long term strategy that usually requires thousands of dollars to be invested before you get a return. That being said, hiring a cheap service will be even more costly. If your SEO agency is charging you less than $750, they are just taking your money.

How long does it take to get in the first spot in Google?

SEO is a long term strategy. It usually takes 3-6 months to start seeing a result. Depending on the industry you are in and the quality of your website at the start of the campaign, on average, it takes 12 months to get to the top of Google.

Should I Stop SEO Once I Reach the Top of Google?

Google is constantly changing their algorithm. In order to stay at the top, you still need to be doing SEO. Further, your competitors will likely respond to you taking their valuable traffic and if you stop the SEO services, it will be easier for them to take your ranking.

Can You Guarantee Rankings?

There are no guarantees in SEO. Google only shares their guidelines, they don’t provide an exact blueprint. Some companies may guarantee you results and often these are the companies that use short term tricks that do get you quick results, but they do not last. Often, within a short period of time, Google bans the website entirely. We use ethical SEO, so while we can’t guarantee results, once you do achieve the top spot, it will be harder for your competition to take it from you.

Should I do Google Ads as Well as SEO?

We usually recommend Google Ads as an additional strategy to SEO. Google Ads get 30% of the clicks, so it is a great way to take market share for when you’re in the top spot. They are also a good way to get a return on investment early while you wait for your SEO to start working.

Do you work in Perth?

Yes. We provide SEO in Perth.

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