An Increase in traffic by 500% with 38% bounce rate

About Our Client

The client has an established business in Ipswich, Queensland. They had previously had an SEO specialist working on a campaign, but they became unreachable and their traffic generation suffered as a result. With respect to our client, we have anonymised their business.


The client had been ranking for their selected keywords, but the rankings were slipping. Their objective was to regain lost ranking and get more relevant traffic to their website.


The goals of our client were to:

Improve traffic and maintain

Regain lost rankings 

Drive more relevant visitors to their website


Upon analysing our client’s existing properties, we found the following problems:

  • The website was good, but the updates were not maintained.
  • Their link building strategy was based on paid links.
  • Their competition started using SEO as a marketing strategy.

The Strategy

Link Disinfection

There were paid links used to falsely increase the pages ranking. Rather than just removing these links straight away and losing the ranking, we built high quality links back to the site using infographics and guest posts. This scaffolding helped to cushion the blow of removing the paid link. Thanks to this, there was not reduction in rank.

Internal Linking

The client’s website was great, but we wanted to solidify their position in Google. We did this by focusing on internal linking opportunities and improving the navigability of the site. The site structure was fine, so we added contextually relevant links within the content to internally link the other pages within the site.

Competitor Analysis

We looked at what their competitors were doing and leveraged that to decrease the impact their SEO specialist was having, making it more difficult for them to overtake my client. We gained the same links from the websites that were linking to them and built local citations to further solidify their local position.


  • From 157 monthly visitors to 788 monthly visitors, amounting to a growth of 500%.
  • A 38% bounce rate and a dwell time average of 2 minutes and 30 seconds, suggesting highly relevant traffic.
  • 10 keywords ranking in the top 3 positions in Google.
A 500% increase in traffic with 38% bounce rate |


Through better link building practices, internal linking, and competitor analysis the client was able to regain their lost ranking and keep it. We have been working with them to increase their reach into other areas with additional keywords and will add to this when that campaign has been completed. The client was happy with this result and had this to say about our service.

Steven and his team have been looking after the SEO of our firm for a number of months now and we could not be happier with the service provided by Digimark. We are ranking #1 for our major searches and plan to continue to develop our digital marketing plan with Steven for years to come. – Kris Dieckmann

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