How optimising for local search

Increased Sales by 2000%

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The challenge

A new venture in Sacramento, our client, despite having a base of initial clients, faced stagnation in business growth. Operating in a highly competitive sector, they were stuck in a loop of competing solely on price. Recognizing the pivotal role of their underperforming website, which attracted a meager 60 visits per month with negligible sales conversion, they sought a transformative solution.

The solution

Digimark devised a comprehensive local SEO strategy tailored to the client’s ambition to dominate the local market. We overhauled the website’s user experience, rectifying technical issues, and revamping site architecture to ensure seamless navigation. By enriching the content and optimising metadata, we aligned the website’s messaging with the client’s expertise and service offerings, making it resonate with the target audience’s search behaviour.

2000% Increase in Traffic.

The Outcome

The strategic interventions led to remarkable results:

  • A surge in website traffic, from 60 to 1,601 monthly visitors, within just a month post-implementation.
  • Significant keyword ranking improvements, with most targeted keywords achieving first-page rankings within six months.
  • A staggering 46-fold increase in traffic by the campaign’s conclusion, evidencing the efficacy of Digimark’s SEO prowess and strategic acumen.