400% Increase in Sales

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The challenge

Since its inception in 2013, our client had primarily relied on referrals for new customer acquisition. Despite a year-long engagement with an SEO firm, they saw no substantial results, even though they recognised SEO’s potential, evidenced by their competitors’ success in attracting customers via Google.

The solution

Digimark embarked on a multifaceted SEO revitalisation, starting with an exhaustive rectification of technical and on-page issues plaguing the client’s website. We redesigned the site architecture for better user navigation, streamlined internal linking, and implemented a targeted keyword strategy to enhance page relevance and performance. This holistic approach aimed not just to fix existing problems but to set a solid foundation for sustained online growth, ensuring the client’s website was primed for visibility and engagement.

800% Increase in Traffic.

The Outcome

The impact of our strategic interventions was profound and immediate:

  • A significant boost in web traffic, witnessing a leap from initial numbers to a 300% increase within just three months.
  • Marked improvement in Google rankings, with 36 keywords securing the #1 position, affirming the client’s dominance in their niche.
  • The momentum of growth not only sustained but continued to ascend, illustrating the enduring value and effectiveness of Digimark’s SEO strategies.