267% Increase in Sales

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The challenge

Launching a novel aged care navigation service, our client faced the daunting task of making a mark in a domain dominated by long-established players. Despite having a fresh website, they struggled to gain visibility for crucial keywords, heavily relying on referrals and direct traffic for their digital presence.

The solution

Digimark embarked on a strategic mission to elevate the client’s digital footprint. We initiated with a deep-dive analysis into the website’s performance, pinpointing critical areas for improvement. The strategy encompassed a comprehensive UX overhaul, enriching the site with engaging titles, compelling descriptions, and enhanced imagery. A robust content strategy, informed by detailed customer and keyword research, was rolled out, filling the content void with rich, purposeful material. We amplified the client’s digital resonance through strategic outreach to journalists and bloggers, significantly boosting their online authority.

267% Increase in Traffic.

The Outcome

The transformation was stark and swift:

  • Traffic to the website skyrocketed by 605%, marking a sustained upward trajectory.
  • The lead generation mechanism saw a 267% enhancement, translating into tangible business growth.
  • Dominance in their niche was established with 36 keywords securing the #1 rank on Google, ensuring higher visibility.