200% Increase in Traffic

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The challenge

Renowned for their word-of-mouth reputation, our client aimed to translate their offline success into a robust digital presence. Despite a recent website redesign intended to modernize their digital facade, the site failed to drive the anticipated traffic and leads, highlighting a disconnect between the site’s design and user expectations.

The solution

Digimark’s strategy revolved around the proprietary EVI Framework, focusing on Experience, Value, and Influence. We commenced with a technical SEO overhaul, resolving underlying issues to streamline the user experience. A content revolution followed, aligning the site’s narrative with targeted keyword research to enhance value. The restructuring of the site’s architecture and the fortification of internal linking paths ensured the site’s influence resonated with its users, guiding them intuitively through their digital journey.

200% Increase in Traffic.

The Outcome

The transformation yielded remarkable results:

  • A 200% surge in traffic, evidencing the site’s newfound digital prominence.
  • Lead generation saw a 150% boost, reflecting the site’s enhanced engagement capabilities.
  • The reach expanded by 400%, catapulting the client’s digital visibility to new heights.