Divi vs Gutenberg Experiment


The aim of this experiment is to test whether Gutenberg will outperform Divi in Google Search.


Being a natural part of WordPress, it could be hypothesised that Gutenberg will outperform Divi in Google Search. This will be demonstrated by the Gutenberg version, http://expdmseo001.tk/, showing up in the first position in the search results page instead of the Divi version, http://expdmseo001.com.au/.



1. Both the Gutenberg and the Divi versions will be hosted on a VPS server.

2. No plugins will be added to either site to reduce variability.

3. The Gutenberg version will use the base theme, Twenty Twenty-One, while the Divi version will use the Divi theme.

4. The keyword expdmseo001 will be chosen as the keyword as it does not currently exist as a Google search result.

5. Https will not be used on either website.

6. Websites will contain lorem ipsum text, with the keyword expdmseo001 replacing the words ‘lorem ipsum’ in the text.

7. Both sites will be linked to from this report.

8. Both sites will be included in Google Search Console.

9. No sites will receive backlinks other than from this report and those created naturally.


1. expdmseo001.com.au was purchased from Crazy Domains.

2. expdmseo001.tk was acquired from Freenom.

3. Hosting account created on Siteground for both versions.

4. WordPress installed on both versions.

5. Themes and plugins cleaned from both versions.

6. CSS used on both versions to remove header and footer.

7. Divi installed on .com.au version.

8. ‘Home’ page created on .com.au version and single section, with single row and single ‘text’ module created. 

9. Lorem Ipsum text added to ‘text’ module.

10. ‘Lorem Ipsum’ words changed to expdmseo001.

11. ‘Home’ page created on .tk version and text block created.

12. Lorem Ipswich text added to text block.

13. ‘Lorem Ipsum’ words changed to expdmseo001.

14. Sitemap created for both versions using Sitemap Generator.

15. Google Search Console property created for both versions.

16. Sitemap.xml provided for each property.


Experiment still in progress.


Experiment still in progress.

Using Crazy Domains for the .com.au version may result in a false positive, giving the impression that Divi performs better than Gutenberg naturally, but it actually being the result of the paid domain. In future experiments, it would be pertinent to use two free domains, or two paid domains.


Experiment still in progress.

Divi Vs Gutenberg Experiment | SEO

Steve Jaenke

Steve Jaenke has been involved in the digital world for over 2 decades. Seeing the power of SEO early in the market he pivoted his business to focus on assisting SME to understand and leverage the power of Google. He is a recurrent judge for the Australian Web Awards awards.

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