Helping Make Aged Care More Accessible

Increased Traffic by 605%

Leads Increased by 267%

Reach Increased by 800%

Key Challenges

Established Competition

Our client is disrupting an industry where the established companies are goliaths. A lot of the regulations in the industry pass through their hands before they’re approved.

Low Visibility

Our client was barely showing up for their own keywords, with most of their traffic coming from referrals and direct traffic.

Minimal Traffic

Low visibility and established competition resulted in minimal traffic to the website, and reliance on referrals for new clients.

Our Strategy

We performed an in-depth analysis of the website, and their digital universe to identify the roadblocks holding them back, and the opportunities that would help them grow. This allowed us to prioritise activities that would result in faster, more efficient results being achieved, that were also sustainable over the long term. As part of our strategy, we performed the follow analysis:


  • Our user experience diagnostic revealed some technical issues, however, these would not significantly impact our client’s results.
  • Our user interface diagnostic found a significant number of issues, and these would impact the client’s results.
  • Our content diagnostic found a good variety of content that, based on user engagement in Google Analytics, was relevant to their audience. However, there did not seem to be a consistent publishing cadence or a strategic content plan.
  • Our influence diagnostic identified a severe lack of external acknowledgment. There were no websites linking back to their website.

Our Implementation Plan

We felt that, while their influence was lacking, the user interface needed to be improved before we started reaching out to relevant websites. Also, while the content was good, we felt that there were a few optimisations that could elevate the content further. Thus we decided on the following course of action


  • First, we started improving the user interface. We improved page titles and descriptions, added relevant imagery and used accessibility guidelines to improve alt tags. We also optimised their images to improve page load times.
  • Next, we developed a content strategy based on a mix of customer and keyword research. This helped us to identify keywords with high search volume, but also tie those keywords to search intent.
  • After this, we started reaching out to relevant journalists and bloggers to get their content in front of the right people. We knew reaching out to industry associations was going to be an issue, so we ignored this approach.
  • Once the above was in motion, we went in and fixed the technical issues we identified earlier, and developed a new information architecture strategy for their content and pages.


We started working with our clients in September 2021. By November they had started to experience a slight increase in traffic, which turned into a significant increase in traffic by January 2022.


  • Traffic increased by 605% and sustained.
  • Lead generation improved by 267%.
  • Reach increased by 800%.
Helping Aged Care Become More Accessible

Organic Traffic Report from Ahrefs

Aged Care Organic Keyword Report.

Organic Keywords Report from Ahrefs

“I had been thinking about engaging an SEO expert for some time but was really nervous about sharing my login details and allowing someone to have access to the website, social media accounts, and Google account.

I could not make a decision nor move ahead with this as I was so afraid of what might happen if I signed with someone who might do the wrong thing and place my business and reputation at risk.

The Digimark team was highly recommended to me for their honesty, integrity and patience…and of course expertise.

From the first meeting with Steve, I felt reassured that the Digimark team aligned with our values and that I could trust them.

We have maintained our relationship with the Digimark team because they take the time to get to know our business as it evolves, and they provide expert advice that we act and the results we are getting are positive.

We are a small business in an industry dominated by BIG players, so getting our SEO right puts us up there in the Google rankings and places us in front of the clients who are searching for the services we provide.

Couldn’t be happier with the service and results Digimark is providing.”


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