The Winter Shelter Business Event

Join us at the forefront of community and innovation at The Winter Shelter Business Event, where the spirit of entrepreneurship meets the heart of philanthropy. This exclusive gathering is designed for businesses and professionals in Toowoomba eager to ignite change, foster connections, and contribute to a cause that warms bodies and hearts alike.

Winter Shelter.

About The Event

Date: 13th June, 2024

Time: 5:30pm to 9:00pm

Venue: Gips Restaurant, 120 Russell St, Toowoomba.

Dress Code: Smart Casual

Admission: $70 per person


  • Enlightening Keynotes: Absorb actionable insights from three leading voices in the business world, each sharing a unique perspective on growth, resilience, and community impact.
  • Charitable Auction: Engage in a spirited auction featuring exclusive products and services from local businesses, with all proceeds dedicated to providing shelter and warmth to those in need this winter.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with like-minded professionals and local entrepreneurs in an atmosphere of collaboration and community support.

Every ticket, every bid, and every connection made contributes to our shared mission of providing winter shelter to those in need. Your participation not only opens doors for business opportunities but also extends a helping hand to the most vulnerable in our community.

Embrace the power of business to make a real difference. Reserve your spot at The Winter Shelter Business Event and be part of something bigger.

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About Winter Shelter

The Winter Shelter program in Toowoomba is a crucial initiative during the colder months, supported by seven local churches. Each church hosts the program one night a week, providing a safe and warm place for those in need, demonstrating the strong sense of community and support in our area.

A Community United

Last year alone, over 400 volunteers from the wider Toowoomba community came together, offering their time, love, and support. Their dedication transformed these spaces into havens of safety and warmth, where the guests found more than just shelter—they found a community that cares.

Transformative Impact

The stories of change and hope are many, with several guests, some of whom had faced the harsh reality of sleeping rough for years, finding and maintaining permanent, stable accommodation thanks to the program. It’s a testament to what we can achieve when we come together with a shared mission.

Our Goal: A Dedicated Support Worker

This year, the Winter Shelter team’s ambition is to deepen their impact. The funds raised from The Winter Shelter Business Event will enable them to employ a dedicated support worker for the duration of the winter program. This addition will significantly enhance the support they can offer, assisting their guests in various aspects of their lives, from securing stable accommodation to improving their emotional and health conditions.

Join Us in Making a Difference

Be part of this transformative journey. Your participation in The Winter Shelter Business Event isn’t just about an evening of engagement and networking; it’s a step towards changing lives and strengthening the fabric of our community.

Keynote Speakers

Steve Claydon.

Steve Claydon

Steve Claydon is a pioneering entrepreneur who has driven over $2.4 billion in global project sales growth through innovative business strategies and the creation of engaging sales tools like The Sales Game and The Outbound Game. An accomplished author of six books and host of “The Bigger Game” podcast, he shares deep insights into sales, customer engagement, and business development. His work with The Outbound Game has revolutionised sales team dynamics by gamifying the sales process. Beyond professional achievements, Steve is committed to promoting personal well-being, addressing topics such as mental health, and addiction recovery.

Dan Wallis

Reverend Daniel Wallis KSJ has been the guiding force at South Toowoomba Baptist Church since 2011, bringing a rich blend of hospitality management and theological insight from his studies at Malyon Theological College. Originating from Dalby, his journey in ministry began at Geebung Baptist Church before he embraced his current role. Dan’s dedication extends beyond the church, as he plays a pivotal role in community and international humanitarian efforts. He is a key contributor to the ‘Toowoomba Winter Shelter’ program, which has made significant strides under his guidance, notably in assisting numerous individuals in securing permanent accommodation.

His commitment to social justice is further highlighted by his initiative to hike the Kokoda trail, aimed at fundraising for the Winter Shelter, reflecting his unwavering dedication to community service and the betterment of society.

Dan Wallis
Chris Black.

Chris Black

Chris is purely and simply a business nerd and advocate for Toowoomba and our community. He’s the result of an eclectic and diverse set of experiences and education mixed with some unexpected events in life. He is the founder of Purpa which helps businesses and businesspeople find their purpose, uncover their potential, and then provide the systems, processes, and accountability to help them achieve success.
He’s had a few wins including selling his company to an American Fortune 500 organisation, being named as one of Australia’s most influential advisers and now devotes his time to meaningful projects and interesting people.
He’s the Chairman of Momentum Mental Health, founder of Darling Downs Angels, Fortress Financial Solutions and former Vice President of the Toowoomba Chamber of Commerce. He’s happily married to Alisha who doubles as his clinical psychologist, a proud father and cricket coach to his 3 boys.

The Heart of the Evening: Our Charity Auction

As part of our commitment to making a tangible difference, “The Winter Shelter Business Event” proudly features a charity auction—an exciting opportunity to bid on exceptional items and services while supporting a noble cause. This special segment promises not just the thrill of the bid but the joy of knowing that each contribution helps provide crucial shelter to those in need.

Meet Our Esteemed Auctioneer: Richard Cocozza

We are thrilled to announce that Richard Cocozza from Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate will be leading our auction with his dynamic presence and expertise. Known for his charismatic approach and deep commitment to community, Richard brings unparalleled energy to the stage, ensuring an engaging and memorable auction experience for all.

What’s on the Auction Block?

Prepare to be enticed by an array of products and services generously donated by local businesses and community members. From unique experiences and luxury goods to professional services and art pieces, there’s something to capture the heart and interest of everyone. Each bid not only brings you closer to winning something wonderful but also directly contributes to providing warmth and shelter during the colder months.

Why Your Participation Matters

The charity auction stands as a core element of our event, embodying the spirit of giving and community support. It’s an invitation to extend your impact beyond the evening, transforming your contributions into direct aid for those who need it most. With Richard Cocozza at the helm and an exciting selection of auction items, your participation promises to be both rewarding and impactful.

Join Us for a Night of Purposeful Bidding

Mark your calendars and ready your bids for an auction like no other. Together, under the expert guidance of Richard Cocozza, let’s raise our paddles not just in pursuit of wonderful items, but in a collective gesture of support and solidarity with those in need.

Contribute to Our Charity Auction

We invite local businesses to be part of our mission by donating products or services for the Winter Shelter Business Event’s charity auction. Your contributions will not only showcase your business to a community of engaged attendees but also directly support our cause, providing warmth and shelter to those in need.

How Your Donation Makes a Difference:

  • Visibility: Highlight your business among local entrepreneurs and professionals.
  • Impact: Turn your products or services into essential support for our Winter Shelter program.
  • Community: Join a network of businesses committed to making a positive change.

Ready to Donate?

Please click the button below to fill out our donation form. Together, we can make a significant impact this winter.

Event Schedule

Join us for an unforgettable evening of inspiration, connection, and contribution at “The Winter Shelter Business Event.” Here’s how the night will unfold:

5:30 PM – Arrival and Networking

Kick off the evening with a warm welcome! Mingle with fellow attendees, make new connections, and settle in for an eventful night.

6:00 PM – Business Resilience with Steve Claydon

Dive deep into the essence of business resilience with our first keynote speaker, Steve Claydon. Steve’s insights will guide you through navigating challenges and emerging stronger, ready to face the dynamic landscape of business and life with confidence and agility.

6:30 PM – Interactive Fun

Take part in a networking game designed to break the ice and foster meaningful connections. Expect a blend of fun and thought-provoking activities that will make this more than just your typical networking session.

7:00 PM – Dan Wallis on Compassion and Courage

Hear from Dan Wallis as he shares his compelling experiences with Winter Shelter initiatives and the life-changing Kokoda Trail. This session promises to be a heartfelt exploration of resilience and community support.

7:30 PM – Charity Auction

Engage in our highlight event – the Charity Auction! Bid on an array of items and services donated by generous businesses, with all proceeds going to winter shelter for those in need. It’s your chance to win amazing items while supporting a great cause.

8:30 PM – Closing Thoughts by Chris Black

Our final keynote, Chris Black, will share powerful insights on cultivating a mindset anchored in purpose. Chris’s talk will inspire you to align your personal and professional life with your core values, driving impact and fulfilment.

9:00 PM – Event Close

We’ll conclude the night on a high note, leaving you enriched by the experiences shared and connections made. Take these inspirations back to your community, knowing you’ve contributed to a noble cause.

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