The ECI Framework

Be Findable, Be Meaningful, Be Compelling

Introducing The ECI Framework

We leverage the power of content to amplify lead generation. As connection catalysts, we help connect businesses to more people through our proprietary ECI Framework. That is, Experience, Certainty, and Influence.


Your client’s experience of your business matters. If you provide a poor experience, or there’s a lot of friction at any point in the customer journey, they’re less likely to continue through to purchase.


People want to work with experts. Put yourself in their shoes, would you rather work with someone who has enough knowledge to do the work, but not enough to ask the right questions? Experts don’t just know how to do something, they know why they are doing it and what questions to ask to extract better performance.


It doesn’t matter how good you are at something if you remain in obscurity. People need to know who you are and why they should care. By expanding your circle of influence, you reach more people. By reaching more people, you increase your influence, thereby increasing your reach even further.

Through our ECI Framework, we help you demonstrate your expertise, establish authority, and build trust with your audience so that you can reach and help more people.


The ECI Framework.

“I had been thinking about engaging a SEO expert for some time but was really nervous about sharing my login details and allowing someone to have access to the website, social media accounts and Google account. I could not make a decision nor move ahead with this as I was so afraid of what might happen if I signed with someone who might do the wrong thing and place my business and reputation at risk. The Digimark team were highly recommended to me for their honesty, integrity and patience…and of course expertise. From the first meeting with Steve I felt reassured that the Digimark team aligned with our values and that I could trust them. We have maintained our relationship with the Digimark team because they take the time to get to know our business as it evolves, they provide expert advice that we action and the results we are getting are positive. We are a small business in an industry dominated by BIG players, so getting our SEO right puts us up there in the Google rankings and places us in front of the clients who are searching for the services we provide. Couldn’t be happier with the service and results Digimark is providing.”

Coral Wilkinson

What is required for online success from an organic perspective – the building blocks


You have unique value that can make a difference in the life of your ideal customer.

How do you ensure they find you?
How to bring them into your orbit?
How do you become the one they partner with?

Content sits across every building block. The right content, at the right time in the right place.

All this plays a critical role in being visible.

Nurture Relationships

Email marketing

Regular communication with customers and prospects.

Be where your customer is – actively and consistently

Leverage platforms & relationships where your potential clients already are – social media, hashtags, digital PR, influencer marketing etc. Partnering with influences & affiliates to expand your reach.

Regular & Compelling Content

Relevant and meaningful content that connects emotionally answers your ideal clients burning questions, combats their fears, and helps them achieve their dreams. Help them survive and thrive better than anyone else!
– Blog program
– Lead generation/high-value content offers

A strong growth-driven website

– Proficient, SEO Optimised.
– Brilliant homepage and engaging website.
– Simple and action-oriented – What are you wanting your customers to do when they get there? What steps must they take to get what they desire and overcome the problems/pain points they have?
– Sales enablement – align sales and marketing processes.

Clarity Of Your Unique Brand Awesomeness

– What makes you ‘special’?
– Purpose, Mission, Values, Positioning, Personality.
– The ‘difference’ you can create.

Ideal Customer Understanding & Empathy

– Deeply understand needs, wants, desires, dreams, fears, and frustrations.
– Absolute clarity around their buyer journey and the burning questions they need to be answered.

“Steve and his team are helping me with the SEO of my business website. It has been just under a year and I cannot rate them highly enough. They reviewed the page & its position initially, talked me through their plan of attack and explained everything in layman’s terms. Each month I receive a report on the websites SEO performance & we discuss it in detail. From there, we collaborate on ideas around content marketing and other actions my business can take to work towards a common goal. Traffic & conversions have increased over time. If you want to work with a team that you can talk to direct and build a working relationship with (not be just a number) I would strongly suggest reaching out to Digimark. They are very friendly, professional and eager to please.”

Kylie Butchard

Our ECI Framework Drives Massive Growth

Increased Sales by 2000 Percent.

2000% Increase in sales from $36k spend.

800 percent increase in traffic.

400% Increase in sales from $12k spend.

Exponential growth over 3 months

3000% Increase in traffic with $450k made in a single month.

“Digimark has a personalized touch and Steve is fantastic, We have a new website that looks fresh and professional.
We have engaged Digimark for all our SEO and marketing, Steve’s communication with all aspects is impeccable and we are kept up to date at all times.

Andrew Paterson

Content Is The Fuel

In the digital arena, customer connections and therefore business results rests in epic content that is relevant & meaningful.

It is critical that content focuses on the customer’s needs and concerns, NOT your business and your products and services perse. It’s easy to forget this simple precept and fall into the habit of turning every piece of collateral into a thinly-veiled sales pitch. The resulting content is forced, ineffective and, most importantly, uninspired.

Great content is focused on answering a prospects key questions and concerns along their buyer journey, helping them move toward their aspirations.

Today’s customer distrusts and resents marketing that interrupts or intercepts them – content marketing is part of a natural conversation.

Content Marketing is a long-term strategy, based on building a strong relationship with your customers by giving them valuable content that is highly relevant to them on a consistent basis. Eventually, when customers make a purchase decision, they have an affinity with you.


71% of consumers trust solutions that provide useful information without trying to sell them something

85% of consumers trust solutions that take the time to walk them through various paths toward decisions rather than just providing an answer outright

62% of consumers trust solutions that provide information and tools for using products they’ve bought

85% of consumers trust solutions that use ads and sponsored content to share information or help address a need

(Marketo, The Definitive Guide to Engaging Content Marketing)


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Our Difference

Strong Reputation

We aim to connect with our clients and form long-term relationships where they’re so happy they invite us to their company BBQ at the end of each year.

Google Reviews.

Globally Recognised

We are Global Search Award Finalists and our CEO, Steve Jaenke, speaks at international events, including the Content Marketing Virtual Summit

Global Search Awards 2021.

Industry Leadership

Our SEO, Steve Jaenke, is a recurring judge for the Australia Web Awards. We are also ranked 21 in the Top 500 SEO Companies Worldwide.

Steven Jaenke AWIA Judge.

Custom-built Tools

We’ve built powerful in-house software that helps us deliver results efficiently and effectively.

Custom Built Digital Tools.

Our objectives for our clients are to create:

A meaningful, consistently thriving business.
New business/sales while you sleep.
A genuinely famous/desirable brand.
More freedom in your life.
Impact in the world.

We want to help you change the world. Let’s change it together for the better.