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Social Media Marketing

Social Media has revolutionised the way that businesses communicate with their clients and prospects. Mass marketing has become obsolete, and a more targeted approach has been born from its ashes. If you’re not doing social media marketing for your business, you are being left behind.

Branding That Matters

We don’t need to tell you that kitchen installation is competitive, but what separates the winners from the losers is the kitchen installer’s ability to adapt. Today the winning recipe is branding with social media. Are you ready to win?

The Social Media Strategy

Social Media Marketing is about more than putting a picture of a cat on Facebook and calling it a day. It’s about turning cold leads into warm leads. It’s about building relationships and turning those relationships into paying customers. We can help you with social media management in Toowoomba & Brisbane.

Facebook Marketing

There’s no doubt about it, Facebook dominates the social media industry. With 1.5 billion people logging in daily, we can almost guarantee that your prospects are logging in. With an average conversion rate of 9%, if you aren’t using Facebook to reach your target audience, you are simply missing out.

LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn was specifically designed for B2B conversations. It’s a B2B gold mine with an average conversion rate of 6%. For those that use a LinkedIn marketing strategy, typically 79% view it as an effective source for generating B2B leads. Want more leads from LinkedIn?

Twitter Marketing

Twitter is a platform used for short, quick messaging. With 75% of B2B businesses already using Twitter to market their services, it is safe to assume that your competition is using a Twitter Marketing Strategy. Twitter users were also more likely to be able to recall a brand and the message associated with it than any other platform. Save time managing your Twitter Marketing, have us do it for you.

Instagram Marketing

Did you know that 75% of users on Instagram take action. That means, blog posts, free give aways and other things you share on Instagram are much more likely to get a visit. With more and more people moving to Instagram, it’s becoming quite clear; you need a strategy for this platform.

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