Organise Your Marketing

Marketing Automation

What happens when a button is clicked on your website? Do they get sent to a contact page, where they fill out a form and that is it? Or, does it set off a series of events that nurtures the lead and gets them ready to make a purchasing decision?

Increase Your Productivity

Increase Your Revenue

We have partnered with 3G Business to help you increase sales by 300%, reduce cost by 50% and improve productivity by 500%. Eliminate time wasting, repetitive tasks with a suite of tools specifically designed to help accountants.

Boost your business

Using the familiar design of Office 365, 3G’s Suite of 32 apps combines to maximise your business and make it a powerhouse of production. Because everything is within a single database, everything is connected. You calendar is automatically updated when you schedule an appointment via email or sms. Templates and attachments are easily stored for later use. Eliminate those repetitive, wasteful tasks and focus on your core business.

Put Your Marketing On AutoPilot

Nurture your leads until they are ready to buy, cross-sell your services, close more sales and simplify your selling process automatically.

Better Client Service

Streamline your day-to-day tasks so you can focus on serving your clients better. You will never have to chase a client for a BAS again! When the time comes, an email and sms reminder is sent to your client. As soon as they send you their BAS, it is uploaded into their client file, ready for you to access. It is that simple!

Delivering Results

“We were looking for a more efficient way to run our business, we came across 3G Business and after the demo we were hooked. They set-up 3GB for our business, helped us build and automate our finance process, and from that moment we knew our business was going to change. First we noticed that each staff member could do a lot more, in fact we measured it and discovered a productivity increase of approx. 500%. Within as little as 3 months our monthly revenue increased by 300% and now we are looking at expanding nationally. All this was made possible by 3G Business, we absolutely love it and highly recommend it.”

– S. Stapleton, CWA Finance Manager

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