Local SEO Consulting

Did you know 46% of all Google searches are looking for local information? 76% of those that did a local search went on to visit the business they found.

How We Help You With Your Local SEO

It’s estimated that over 90% of online activity starts via a search engine, and this applies for local searches too. If a consumer is looking for a car mechanic in Brisbane, for example, they’re likely to search for relevant services and companies in the immediate and surrounding areas.

By analysing user behaviour, we can see exactly how consumers and corporate clients search for the products and services they need. With this information, it’s possible to respond to their needs and engage in relevant marketing activity. Essentially, knowing how your target market behaves enables you to engage with them. 

Using a local SEO consulting service

When you tap into the customer base on your doorstep, you can increase your turnover and profits, as well as establishing yourself as a reputable business in the locality. Using a local SEO consulting service enables you to do just that. 

With in-depth analysis of local keyword searches, we can tell you how many users are looking for your services within a specific area. What’s more – we can ensure your business is front and centre when they’re looking for your services or products. 

If your business sells stationery, for example, you may be using keywords and terms, such as pens, paper, rulers etc., to try and boost your SEO rankings. However, these are very generic terms, and you’ll pay a premium to try and rank highly with these keywords. Furthermore, people from all over the world could be looking for these goods, so you’ll be investing in marketing your goods and services to an audience who may be more likely to rely on their own local retailers. 

By modifying your SEO activity, and using local knowledge and specific keywords, we can ensure your marketing materials reach individuals who are most likely to convert into sales. With a firm understanding of corporate identity throughout Ipswich and Brisbane, we’re well-placed to provide the expertise and skills you require in order to engage with your local market. 

Combining offline and online marketing

Businesses which serve local markets, as opposed to a national or global customer base, often focus solely on offline marketing. However, this can result in a significant loss of sales. Even when consumers are committed to using a local business, they still tend to search for a provider or supplier online. 

They may want to access your address in order to visit your premises, for example, or they may want to see what services you offer, what your opening hours are, how they should contact you and what existing customers have to say about your firm. 

By increasing local SEO activity, you’ll ensure that your business will be visible to users who are specifically looking for relevant services in your area. In doing so, you can successfully increase your share of the local market, increase your customer base and boost your bottom line.

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