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KPI Workshop

As an accountant, you like numbers right? And as a business owner, you want positive growth right? This is where key performance indicators (KPIs) come in. Most business coaches and business development managers will tell you to set a goal, and you definitely should, but how do you know whether you’re on track for attaining that goal. This practical KPI workshop covers all important aspects of genuine KPIs, ranging from definition to implementation and data through visualisation. By defining the right metrics and teasing out insights from the data, you gain greater control over your businesses future.

Developing an early warning system

There are two purposes behind tracking specific metrics. The first is to see where you currently stand in your practice, whether you are growing, or whether your business is in trouble. The second is to create predictions based on the insights garnered from the data. If you could predict the failure of your business, would that be helpful? Then this KPI workshop is for you.

What is Covered

This practical and interactive workshop provides you with condensed, directly applicable knowledge to successfully define and implement KPIs within your accounting firm. You will learn how to identify the most critical success factors for your firm and create KPIs that can be directly applied to your business. You are introduced to the analytics dashboard and your KPIs are setup. You will discover how to continuously improve and innovate your KPIs, helping you to move toward your goals.

About the Instructor

Steven Jaenke studied psychology at the University of Southern Queensland and developed a keen interest in organisational psychology. He has years of experience with strategic marketing and data analytics. The dashboard technology he has provided to his clients integrates numerous services and, most importantly, allows you to set KPIs to track your progress in real time.

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