Developing a Content Strategy Workshop

Content Marketing is an essential task for businesses of any size. Social media has opened the world up and given even the smallest of businesses a voice, but it has also made the digital universe incredibly loud. To stand out in the crowd, you need to be creating a difference, and you can do that through content. Google increases your reach in search based on the content you create on your website. Facebook increases your reach in Facebook based on the content you create in Facebook. Same with LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Tiktok and a multitude of other platforms. It’s no longer enough to sit on the sidelines, you need to create.

We’ve built this workshop to help you get started on your content creation journey. With any successful journey, the first step is to plan out your path. In this workshop, you’ll do exactly that by developing a content strategy based on the powerful techniques we’ve condensed down into a simple to follow process.

What you’ll learn

✔ How to find content ideas.

✔ What is the hub/spoke model.

✔ How to pull content ideas into the hub/spoke model.

✔ Why content matters.

✔ How to develop a content brief to make content writing easier.


✔ A complete content strategy you can implement straight away.

✔ A content brief template with one completed content brief.

✔ Content ideas for the next quarter.


Tuesday, 3rd May, 2022 at 12:00pm








Who’s Hosting?

Steve Jaenke.

Steve Jaenke

Steve Jaenke has been involved in the digital world for over 2 decades. Seeing the power of SEO early in the market he pivoted his business to focus on assisting SMEs to understand and leverage the power of Google. He is a recurring judge for the Australian Web Awards and a finalist in the Global Search Awards. Over the last 12 months, Steve’s agency has assisted an international-based client to increase revenue by 2000% and assisted another company to generate over $3 million. Steve is ‘the’ SEO guy every small business needs in their corner.

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