Does this sound like you? You have multiple practices, each of which are doing quite well. You are well known in your locally and statewide, but are looking for a bit more influence in your industry.

What is Dominate?


Dominate is our top level service that helps dental practices increase the number of leads they get from Google. The objective of this level is to improve the position of your dental practice in Google’s organic search results at the regional and national level.


If your practice can handle 450 or more patients per month, then this is the level for you. SEO is a technical task that can take a while to see any change in Google. With our process, we have been able to deliver results to our clients that by far exceeds their initial investment.

The objective of this level is to provide you with a consistent base of new patients providing you with the opportunity to start thinking about franchising and expanding nationally. If you are not ready to expand your practice to this extent, Expand or Grow may be better option for you.

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Why Use Dominate?


In all of our service offerings, we focus on delivering relevant traffic that are likely to result in leads being generated for your practice. The objective of Dominate is to significantly increase the number of leads generated on a weekly basis to help sustain massive growth in your practice. On this level, our clients generally see 450 leads per month on average after a 24 month campaign.

In addition to the return on investment, we also focus on delivering easy-to-read reports that actually make sense. We have a weekly check-in to inform you of what has been achieved through the week and a short strategy call each month to go over what we intend to achieve in the next month. As stated in the other levels, SEO is a long-term strategy, so results will not occur overnight.

We have found that communicating with our clients at regular intervals provides the opportunity to ask questions and to help keep us transparent, so you know that results are actually be achieved.

Who is Dominate for?


Dominate is for dentists who are ready to take the next step in their practice. This is ideal for those dentists who are ready to franchise or open locations state-wide or nationally. This level requires dentists who are also business minded and are looking for more than being their own boss.

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How does it work?


We optimise your website to ensure that it complies with Google and its algorithm changes. We will also ensure that your Google My Business listing is optimised and that you are showing up in Google’s Map results. We create local citations to help you compete against your competitors. Local citations are online mentions of your business name, address and phone number. They help searchers find your practice locally and tell Google that you are a local business.

An outreach process will also be started with the objective to improve your authority in Google. We request other website owners relevant to the dental industry link to your website. This brings in additional relevant traffic, but also tells Google that your website is trustworthy.

We also review your visitor’s interaction with your website and optimise it to increase conversions. This helps both with sales and with ranking in Google, as the more visitors that make appointments and become patients, the more Google finds you to be a reputable service and they will reward you for it.

When should I see results?


The time it takes to rank a website can vary drastically from location to location. Often it will take anywhere between six months and twenty-four months to get a website position in the top spot in Google for your ideal keywords. For this level, we run 24 month campaigns and usually our clients see a return on investment in that time period.

Throughout this process, however, we will remain in contact with you and keep you updated on how your position in Google is progressing. As stated above, we do a weekly check-in via email, followed by a strategy call each month. Each quarter we will meet with you either face-to-face or via Zoom to go over any questions you may have.

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