The Digivice Podcast

The Digivice Podcast Episode #1

We interview Leanne Gillam from House Estate Agents. Leanne has a long history in the building industry with her husband, Phil, and selling them for a profit. Leanne is probably best known in Toowoomba for her role as General Manager of the Toowoomba Chamber of Commerce and a key partner in In the podcast, we discuss her key strategy for success in both business and in life.

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The Digivice Podcast Episode #2

This week we had the opportunity to catch up with Kevin Gammie. Kevin, in his own words, does a lot of things, but most of all he wants to help small business owners love their business and get ahead in business. More than a business coach, Kevin has created an amazing community on Facebook in the group, Brisbane Small Business, that now has 7000 people, 70% of whom are engaged. Find out what we talked about here.

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The Digivice Podcast Episode #3

In this week’s podcast, we caught up with Cassandra ‘Cass’ Barrie from Cass has 3 self-sufficient businesses under her belt, including Diamond Cut Body & Hair. We identify what helped her reach her level of success and the struggles that she has had to deal with along the way. Enjoy!

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