Digivice DIY SEO #1 – Getting Started

Here’s what you can do to start getting momentum in Google.

Ever wanted to rank #1 in Google, but don’t have the resources to fund the investment? Here’s how to get started.

Hi, I’m Steve. You are you, welcome to Digivice. This week, we’re going to be talking about SEO that you can do yourself.

So instead of your receptionist taking selfies all the time and posting on Facebook, you can actually get them to do this stuff. It’s super easy, it’ll help your rank, and then if you do end up going with an SEO company, they can just come in and rank you a lot faster because some of the heavy lifting is already done.

So the first step that you need to start with is claiming your Google My Business, which is something that a lot of people are sort of getting clued up on because people like myself are telling you more about it. But one of the other things that you can do to help boost your ranking a little bit faster is to install Google Search Console, or at least get Google Search Console, that’s not something that you install, which used to be called Webmaster Tools.

It tells you a lot about what Google’s doing with your website. It also allows you to have a little bit more of a background look of what’s going on with your search engine position. So if you don’t have it already, go in and grab Google Search Console, you will need to verify it.

And the level of difficulty varies depending on which one you decide on, whether it’s the domain verification, and you’ll understand this better when you get in there, or whether it’s the web address or the link based verification. Either way, if you have trouble with this, please reach out. I’m happy to help guide you through this.

Tomorrow, we’ll be back with some more do-it-yourself SEO Tips. They won’t just be about installing things, they’ll be about all sorts of things like meta tags, and alt tags, and all those things that really are things that your web designer should have done but they don’t. So that’s the video for today. Thanks.

Digivice DIY SEO #1 | Digivice

Steve Jaenke

Steve Jaenke is the founder & CEO of Digimark Australia. He specialises in SEO and data analytics, bringing in a background in sales and social psychology.

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