Higher visibility through SEO for a solar company

Increased Traffic by 200%

Leads Increased by 150%

Reach Increased by 400%

Key Challenges

Poor CX

Our client had recently had their website rebuilt. The customer experience on the site was lacking, and it was very difficult to navigate the site.

Low Visibility

Our client was barely showing up for their own keywords, with most of their traffic coming from referrals and direct traffic.

Minimal Traffic

Low visibility and established competition resulted in minimal traffic to the website, and reliance on referrals for new clients.

Our Strategy

Our client had a very specific goal in mind. They wanted to substantially increase the level of relevant traffic to their website, and improve the lead volume they were getting from the site.

After an in-depth analysis of the website, it was determined that the customer experience on the site was severely lacking. The website had many technical issues, and whenever we fixed one, another would appear in its place. As the website had been recently built, we were mindful of the fact that another rebuild was off the table. Our strategy consisted entirely on resolving the technical issues, creating better information architecture, and improving the qualitative elements of the site, like website copy, page layout, and headlines. 

Our Implementation Plan

There were substantial issues with the website from both a technical perspective and a design perspective. We knew this would reflect poorly in Google, regardless of how successful a content marketing or digital PR strategy would be.


  • First, we identify and corrected the technical issues that were prevalent throughout the site.
  • Next, identified what was slowing down the website, initiated a caching policy, and optimised the images.
  • After this, mapped relevant keywords to pages.
  • Finally, we optimised the qualitative aspects of the site, improving website copy, layout, and headlines.

After completing these tasks, we provided education around content marketing and digital PR, which our client handled internally.


We started working with our client in July 2020. By October we had doubled their traffic, and by December, they had 4x more traffic.


  • Traffic increased by 200% and continues to grow.
  • Lead generation improved by 150%.
  • Reach increased by 400%.

We worked with this client as part of a grant, and provided them with education to continue the growth of their business organically.

Traffic Increased for Solar Company.

Organic Traffic Report from Ahrefs

Reach Increased for Solar Company.

Organic Keywords Report from Ahrefs

“We had Steve and the Digimark team carry out an SEO project for our website recently. The attention to detail and quality of the information provided by Steve was simply outstanding. They implemented many improvements to the website which have created a 200% increase in traffic to our site – pretty impressive! I particularly loved that Steve kept us informed at every step of the process and I never had to wonder what was happening. We were always kept in the loop. I highly recommend Steve and the Digimark team for SEO projects!”


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