How Optimising For Local Search Increased Sales by 2000%

About Our Client

The client was 6 months into a new business in Sacramento. They had brought a handful of clients with them when starting out, but weren’t really seeing any growth. They offered a full range of services in a competitive industry and were only competing on price. With respect to our client, we have anonymised their business.


Although the client already had a website for several months prior to working with our agency, it wasn’t creating the impact on their business they knew it could. Traffic was appallingly low, generating an average of 60 visits per month, which rarely resulted in sales. The client knew that their website was the cornerstone of their online presence and understood that without a well-performing website, any subsequent digital marketing efforts would be ineffective.


The goals of our client were to:

Improve traffic and maintain

Rank in the top position for their city

Drive more relevant visitors to their website


Upon analysing our client’s existing website, we found the following problems:

  • The website had multiple issues with unoptimised URLs.
  • Navigating the site was difficult.
  • Meta Data was missing on most pages.
  • Content on most pages was significantly low.

The Strategy

Local SEO

Because the client wanted to cater exclusively to customers in their area, we recommended a strategy based around local SEO. This meant optimising their pages to reflect their local presence as well as creating local citations to increase their authority locally in Google.

Internal Linking

We fixed the issues with navigation and made it easier for their visitors to go through the website and reach a decision in a structured way. While we were there, we also optimised the URLs, improving their naming conventions and making them more keyword rich.

Meta Data

We wrote content that would entice the people who searched for the client’s services, helping to improve click through rate. We also optimised the meta data on the pages that did have this filled in.

Content Writing

The content on each of the pages was sparse and read more like a brochure than a website. We improved the quality of the content and increased the word count by adding relevant, valuable information that the visitors would likely be wanting to know about.


  • From 60 monthly visitors to 1,601 monthly visitors within a month of completing the changes.
  • Within 6 months, most of the chosen keywords were ranking on the first page.
  • By the end of the 12-month campaign, we had increased their traffic by 46x.
How Optimising For Local Search Increased Sales by 2000% |


Following an extensive website audit, rigorous keyword research, and an aggressive content strategy, we implemented methodology built to rank their website on the first page of Google for their city. This led to an increase in traffic by 46x and an increase in sales by 2000%. This sharp increase in traffic generated enough leads for them to hire new staff and eventually open two other locations.

Our knowledge of digital marketing was very basic. We had a website, but it wasn’t really doing anything until we hired Steve. He said it would take around 6 – 12 months to see any real results, but we started to see results almost immediately. I think Steve was even surprised by this. If you want real results, I strongly recommend Steve and his team. – Russell Park

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