An 800% Increase in Traffic with 400% increase in sales

About Our Client

The client had been in business since 2013 and was gaining most of their new customers through referrals. They had been working with an SEO company for the past 12 months, but hadn’t had any results. They knew SEO was the right strategy as their competitors were getting customers from Google. With respect to our client, we have anonymised their business.


The client had invested a significant amount of time and money into having their website rank well in Google. While they were somewhat patient, their patience was wearing thin. They wanted results and they wanted them fast.


The goals of our client were to:

Improve traffic and maintain

Rank in the top position for their city

Get more sales from their website


Upon analysing our client’s existing website, we found the following problems:

  • The website had various technical issues and did not meet Google’s guidelines.
  • Navigating the site was difficult.
  • Keyword stuffing was used on most pages.
  • The page loaded slowly

The Strategy

Technical SEO

The first step was to fix the technical issues present on the website. While these issues didn’t have a direct impact on the user’s experience, they did indirectly affect the user. Missing pages, poorly redirected pages, and poor content structure were the primary causes. These needed to be fixed urgently.

Internal Linking

We fixed the issues with navigation and made it easier for their visitors to go through the website and reach a decision in a structured way. While we were there, we also optimised the URLs, improving their naming conventions, and making them more keyword rich.

Keyword Strategy

We developed a keyword strategy that focused on ranking a low competition, high traffic keyword first, and building from that solid base. We reduced the keyword density, rewriting some of the content in the process to make it more readable and engaging for their customers. We also developed a content strategy for continued growth that allowed them to tap into a greater market share.

Page Speed Optimisation

The website took 12 seconds to load. This resulted in a high bounce rate and low sales volume. We optimised their images, applied a caching policy, and installed a CDN. This drastically improved their load time, reducing it to 3.2 seconds.


  • An increase in traffic within 3 months of the start of the campaign.
  • Consistent growth that lasted and continues to increase.
  • Currently ranked #1 for 36 keywords, allowing them to dominate their space in Google.
800 Percent Increase in Traffic


By improving the technical issues, creating a logical internal linking strategy, and building solid pages based on a keyword strategy, we were able to increase our client’s lead acquisition to a point where their sales increased by 400%. 

We were looking for real ROI – the measurable kind. It took about 3 months for the traffic to take a significant turn upwards and we started to receive a stiff increase in our lead volume. My confidence grew each month as the traffic started pouring in. Now we have a new problem – fulfillment. – Paul Welch

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