Writing SEO-Friendly Blog Posts: 5 Actionable Tips

You may already know that writing blog posts will help you rank higher on Google.

And you have a pretty good idea of what you’d like to educate your audience on.


You don’t know how to make your blog posts SEO-friendly.

Okay, there’s keyword research, but how do you choose the right ones? What about links? And what other aspects of your blog should be optimized?

We totally get it – SEO may sound like rocket science at the beginning.

However, with these five actionable tips, you’ll be able to craft an excellent SEO-friendly blog post in no time. Enjoy the read!

1. Do Detailed Keyword and Topic Research

Primary and secondary keywords are what you build a blog around.

Find what your target audience looks up most often and try to identify the search intent behind it. Explore the “People also ask” section to learn what long-tail keywords you can also use. When choosing the keywords, pay attention to the traffic volume and keyword difficulty if you want to focus on the optimal ones.

To explore your target keywords, you can either use Google and do it manually, or rely on a keyword explorer tool. There are both free and paid tools available that can help you create keyword clusters that will lead to the next step of writing a blog post.

2. Create a Blog Outline

Having an outline helps the writing process run smoothly. A clear structure contributes to a good flow and overall readability of your blog post. Good formatting, sub-headings, and lists are all elements of a well-organized blog post that’s easy to read and grabs attention.

However, that’s not the only benefit of creating an outline.

When writing a blog, you should always check out your competition that ranks well. Use a similar structure in your article to make sure all the relevant points are covered, and then add even more value to the post to beat your competitors.

3. Add Links

Both internal and external links are incredibly valuable for your blog post SEO.

Internal links help you build authority on a specific topic and improve your website’s architecture. They make it easier for your readers (and Google) to explore your content.

External links to other websites enhance your credibility and expertise since you’re backing your claims with valid external sources. They may also help your website gain higher domain authority.

4. Nail the Post Length

The optimal blog post length is between 1200 and 1500 words on average. That content length gives you enough space to cover the topic appropriately and use all the available SEO techniques to optimise it.

However, a more important factor is your blog quality. Make sure you also analyze the competitors’ blogs to see what they’ve covered, so you can add more relevant information to your article and make it more comprehensive than others.

5. Use Images

Images help your blog posts in two ways:

By breaking down longer sections you make the article more readable. And if you add image captions, and use keywords in the image filename and alt text, you enable Google to understand better what your content is about.

That way, by using optimized images in your blog post, you increase your chances of appearing in the Images section of search results.

Easy Tips to Boost Your Blog Post

Does SEO still sound complicated to you?

Probably a tad less than before. By applying these five tips, you’ll make a massive step towards publishing a fully optimized blog post with great odds of ranking higher, improving your visibility and driving more traffic to your website.

Remember these simple techniques whenever you sit down to write, and soon enough, you’ll be looking at your website name on the very first page of Google search results.

How to Write SEO-Friendly Blog Posts | SEO

Steve Jaenke

Steve Jaenke has been involved in the digital world for over 2 decades. Seeing the power of SEO early in the market he pivoted his business to focus on assisting SME to understand and leverage the power of Google. He is a recurrent judge for the Australian Web Awards awards.

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