Brands who act like news publishers win

I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but it’s noisy out there. While the digital world provided small business the opportunity to compete in an equal playing field, it also meant that every single business owner has no barrier to entry other than an internet connection and a laptop.

Digital has also allowed for the creation of businesses en masse, making the world not only noisy, but crowded as well. This has made it even more important to stop, take a step back, and really look at who you are, who your customer is, and what the problem you are trying to solve for them is.

So many businesses are working in what’s called the ‘End of Funnel’ space. This is the area of the customer journey that only 3% of the market is in. That 3% of people who know they have a problem, know what the solution is and are now ready to hire someone to resolve the problem.

Brands who act like news publishers win

In the article, ‘Brands today are thinking like seasoned news publishers. Here’s why,‘ Arc XP discuss how new publishers are used to a high-paced environment, similar to the digital world that we’re often working in. Brands that act similarly have an edge when it comes to their competition. 

If a brand is the first to break the news about an update, they quickly become seen as having their finger on the pulse. Brands that identify and report trends, produce industry stats, and are constantly creating valuable content that keeps their readers informed, quickly become seen as thought leaders in their industry.

It’s not about creating content for content’s sake, it’s a matter of building your credibility by demonstrating your expertise. It’s showing your audience that you know what’s going on in your industry, and more importantly, what’s going on in theirs.

Information and data improves content strategy

If you’re anything like a vast majority of business owners we come across, creating content will be a pain point for you. You know that you need to create content, but you simply don’t have time. The fact is, this isn’t going to change, regardless of how much you delegate. If you don’t make time to review your industry and create content, you never will.

That being said, the more information you consume and the more data you have access to, the easier it will be to come up with content ideas. One of the biggest challenges that the people we often talk to face is coming up with content ideas. They simply don’t know what to write about. Here’s the thing, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

People are interested in hearing what you have to say. They want your take on a particular topic and they will respect your opinion. Instead of trying to create something from scratch, instead provide commentary on an article, like what we’re doing here. Extend the conversation beyond the confines of the chosen article, giving your unique spin. This at the very least should give you 1 content piece per week. All of a sudden, you have a blog with a readership and you’re not relying on the 3%.

Here’s how it works

The vast majority of people don’t walk around looking for your services. When you pitch them, you’re actually turning a lot of people off. As soon as that happens, you’ve lost them. They won’t come back to you, even when they do have a problem that your service solves. Meanwhile, the savvy business owner will nurture an audience that isn’t ready for their service, and in some cases won’t be for years to come. They do this because they know, as soon as that person is ready, it’s not a matter of selling them, they simply come on board because they already know, like, and trust the business.

I’m sure there’s a technical term for it, but we call this the farmer model vs the hunter model. Hunters actively go out and hunt for food. They may get lucky and stumble upon a deer or something to eat, but they don’t always get lucky and a change of seasons can be devastating. Farmers on the other hand cultivate their food. They sew their seeds, and then reap the rewards later. While this may be slower in the beginning, they are never without food.

Similarly, savvy business owners will look at how they can build relationships that aren’t entirely transactional. they build these relationships knowing that one day they will get a return on their invested time. Meanwhile, the hunter is stuck cold calling, constantly trying to get their next client through the door.

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Steve Jaenke has been involved in the digital world for over 2 decades. Seeing the power of SEO early in the market he pivoted his business to focus on assisting SME to understand and leverage the power of Google. He is a recurrent judge for the Australian Web Awards awards.

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