Are you using the digital universe correctly?

The digital universe has provided us with a level playing field. Before the internet, marketing and advertising was reserved for big businesses who had big budgets to spend on TV, Radio, and other traditional forms of marketing.

This has led to a new ‘gold rush’ and provided us with the opportunity to attract new people for little to no cost other than your time.

This has also led to a lot of noise, making ‘attention’ one of the most valuable commodities in the market. While it used to take 3-4 touch points to get to bring in a new customer, it’s now taking 7-14 touch points.

The problem isn’t so much that it’s become too competitive, or the lead time has increase. The problem is that people aren’t offering value first. They’re marketing the same way big business used to, pitching products and looking at features. Instead, they should be focusing on benefits and outcomes.

This is where content comes in. Recently, we read a post on AdAge called, ‘4 Ways Brands Can Build Consumer Trust Through Content‘.

In the post, it states that ‘70% of consumers say an understanding of their personal needs influences their loyalty.’ The author also points out that ‘70% of consumers say that understanding how they use products and services is very important to winning their business.’

You can’t talk about features, without sounding like you’re trying to sell the product/service. Talking about benefits and outcomes, however, moves it away from the product and puts the customer in the spotlight.

Are you using the digital universe correctly? | Commentary

Steve Jaenke

Steve Jaenke has been involved in the digital world for over 2 decades. Seeing the power of SEO early in the market he pivoted his business to focus on assisting SME to understand and leverage the power of Google. He is a recurrent judge for the Australian Web Awards awards.

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