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“Culture is simply a shared way of doing something with a passion”

Brian Chesky – Co-Founder & CEO of AirBNB

Steve Jaenke.

Our Story

Once upon a time in a galaxy not so far away, a web design firm under the name ‘Jaenke Technology’ was founded. Originally started to pay off debts owed to the empire, Steve Jaenke, our founder, having built his first website in 1998 (Ok, it was no millennium falcon, but close) decided to start freelancing on ODesk (Now Upwork).

Tired of bidding for projects like a common Wookie, Steve looked for other ways to bring in new clients. That’s when he came across SEO. After a quick Google search, he found out that backlinks were important.

After another quick Google search, he found a site that would provide millions of backlinks for free; all you needed to do was enter your website. Steve did and one week later Jaenke Technology was blacklisted by Google. Not being one to give up so easily, Steve studied every aspect of SEO.

His infatuation for SEO came when he helped a client go from 60 visits per month to 2400 visits per month with an increase in sales by 2000%. Through both experimentation and experience, he developed a process that not only worked, it worked every time.

Fast-forward to today, and Digimark has grown into a specialised team of experts that deliver to a high standard.

Our Vision

We believe in empowering businesses to create a healthier, wealthier world.

Digimark Vision.
Digimark Purpose.

Our Mission

We leverage the power of content to connect people.

Our Values

We are advocates of lifelong learning: We strongly believe in the power of information, knowledge, and learning.

We have a deliberate approach: We believe in systems and processes, and are very intentional with our work. We do things for a reason.

We are thorough: We believe in digging deep and gaining an understanding of every detail.

We are helpful: We believe in being helpful, approachable, and friendly.

We are leaders: We believe in expertise, earned influence, and leading by example.

We are humble: We understand technology is constantly changing and that we don’t know everything. We are open to advice and willing to be wrong.

Digimark Values.

Our Difference

Strong Reputation

We aim to connect with our clients and form long-term relationships where they’re so happy they invite us to their company BBQ at the end of each year.

Google Reviews.

Globally Recognised

We are Global Search Award Finalists and our CEO, Steve Jaenke, speaks at international events, including the Content Marketing Virtual Summit

Global Search Awards 2021.

Custom-built Tools

We’ve built powerful in-house software that helps us deliver results efficiently and effectively.

Custom Built Digital Tools.


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