30 Point Content Checklist

What’s Inside?

Search Engine Optimisation

Determine whether your content is searchable or not. Have you considered a keyword strategy and are you using your keywords as intended? Have you provided contextual metadata?


Measure the relevance of your content from topic title to ending remarks. Also, is it easy to understand?

Audience Satisfaction

Are your readers likely to be satisfied with what they have just read? Do they feel more informed having read your content and are they likely to continue reading your content? Are they engaged?


What is the purpose of the content? Does it put your reader’s needs first or your own? The primary focus should always be on the audience first, then on a blog subscription or other call to action.


How trustworthy is your content? Are your readers likely to trust it, or will they find it deceptive and unclear as to whether the content is fake or not?


Is the content a source of truth beyond your own blog. Are other websites linking to it?


Is the blog post written for someone who is a beginner on the topic, or is it written for someone who has more knowledge and is able to understand what came before?

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